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A compact, programmable brushless DC speed control with digital closed loop feedback and LED display for BLDC motors rated to 400 Watts. Dart’s BLM700 Brushless Micro-Drive is the ultimate value in ENERGY EFFICIENCY, accuracy and control.

The Brushless Micro-Drive is simple to operate: set the desired RPM, rate, or time in the large 1/2″ LED display by depressing the “Up” and “Down” pushbuttons on the front panel. Settings can be one digit at a time or fast sweep. The settings are exact and repeatable. It will precisely control speed to ±1/2 RPM of set speed, long term. No calibrations of the control are necessary. Industry standard cutout dimensions of 1/8 DIN provide easy panel installation. All wiring connects directly to a rugged screw type terminal strip through the rear panel. The flexibility of Dart’s BLM700 Brushless Micro-Drive design makes it uniquely suited for many commercial and industrial applications.

BLM701P PANEL MOUNT 12, 24-48VDC CLOSED Up to 400W / 8 AMPS