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The DP10 is a panel mounted, multi-purpose signal conditioner/signal generator that allows the operator easy access to required system adjustments. The DP10 may be used in OEM equipment designs, plant operation or laboratory applications. Most other signal conditioners are DIN rail mounted inside a panel and designed to be set up once – many applications require frequent adjustments to meet application needs. The DP10’s unique front-panel design addresses this by making output adjustment easily accessible via convenient up and down push buttons with a large, easy to read LED display.

The DP10 is configurable for several modes of operation:

  • Signal Conditioning – scale or attenuate incoming process signals (analog voltage or mA current)
  • Signal Conversion – convert incoming signals to another format (analog voltage to mA current; mA current to analog voltage)
  • Signal Generator – generate analog voltage or mA current signal
    The Signal Generator mode is especially useful for ECM/brushless DC motor applications where the motor includes integrated commutation electronics. These applications typically require an analog voltage input to change the motor speed – the DP10 set up as an analog voltage generator not only provides a digitally accurate repeatable setting but its display can be configured to any engineering units meaningful to the application: liters/min on pumps; feet/min on conveyors, etc.

Process control applications will also benefit from the digital accuracy and repeatability of the DP10 in pump applications involved with pressure, flow and level. The scalable display is especially useful to give operators information in meaningful engineering units.

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